The Winter Gardens


accykeef: Hello world! Jun 13, 2014 11:19:00 GMT
accykeef: I understand this now, we used to call them live chats but the new buzz phrase is SHOUT. I just hit return and there was my message Jun 13, 2014 11:20:37 GMT
lee thorpe : wow looking back on this , we was so lucky its mad just looked for some link to tell my mate about this and it still get my blood going, took me and leanne well over a year to get CJ (ceanna) back to her normal self , Jun 20, 2014 4:06:13 GMT
lee thorpe : by the way the video was cut and edited alot lol cus i was not in a god mood , we live on the isle of man now and have only ever took cj on the boat in a car , only walked over this gang way my self 1 time and it gave me chills lol , Jun 20, 2014 4:08:11 GMT
lee thorpe : cj and leanne was very lucky this day if i had not told them to run and then run back my self grabbing cj and throwing her in to the L junction of the walk way , then my self running , 1 second later the walk way collapsed Jun 20, 2014 4:08:51 GMT
lee thorpe : we was all lucky this day thank god .. and your right some one was looking over us cus something told me to go back for them ..... wow chills just writing that bit Jun 20, 2014 4:09:27 GMT
Scun Thorpe: What kind of a moron are you, lee thorpe? Are you entirely incapable of elementary English? Jun 26, 2014 18:51:35 GMT
Scun Thorpe: I thought this forum would be of interest. Obviously, a silly idea: allowing the cerebrally challenged to come on here and post complete gibberish is exactly what to do if you're looking to shut down something that may have been of interest. Jun 26, 2014 18:53:35 GMT
baybird: Where is everyone Jul 21, 2014 23:24:18 GMT
accykeef: If you cannot talk sense - better not to talk at all Oct 28, 2014 18:05:31 GMT
lee thorpe: its called dyslexia i think mate but thanks for noticing you keyboard warrior .. *censored* donny donut .. Jan 27, 2015 19:30:12 GMT
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GGG: ECM EMC Jul 14, 2016 18:25:43 GMT
WendyW: Evening all :) I had been telling my hubby about the time I was in Morecombe when the Moby Dick and Hotel was hit by lightening and burnt down. My parents, sister and myself had just come off the Moby Dick when lightening stuck Jul 21, 2016 19:25:27 GMT
WendyW: As we walked away from the burning boat we walked past the Hotel, which had big stone balls on the towers, the lightening struck just as we walked past. I have a very healthy respect of thunderstorms. ::) Jul 21, 2016 19:27:05 GMT
Wish bubbles could come back!: Bubbles should return Apr 20, 2018 19:53:07 GMT
john thorpe: Hello there, I have just joined the forum,having found it quite by chance.Many thanks for accepting my application.I live in Bury,but lived in Morecambe for quite a few years and worked for several at the Winged World foreign Bird facility at heysham Head. Feb 7, 2020 20:57:18 GMT
john thorpe: Could I ask if anyone has any memories of Winged wrold and the Childrens Zoo at heysham head,where I was a keeper in the i970's?With some former colleagues,I'm gathering information for a project to record as much as possible about the place as we can. Feb 7, 2020 21:00:46 GMT
john thorpe: If anyone has anything they would like to share,my tel no is 0161 7647078 and my email I would love to make contact with the family of Bill Ranson,my old and sadly deceased Head Keeper at Winged World. Feb 7, 2020 21:05:28 GMT
john thorpe: I believe he had a son and daughter ,and of course they may no longer be in the area,but if anyone can put me in touch,I would be grateful. Feb 7, 2020 21:07:27 GMT
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